Welcome to The Royal Eswatini Police Service


Members of the Royal Eswatini Police Service are expected to portray all virtues of professionalism, efficiency and quality service delivery at all times despite any circumstances.

National Commissioner of Police Tsitsibala William Dlamini speaking during the handing over of Ngwenya Police Post, said the new and improved resource was a challenge to members of the Service as they went about their daily duties. He said it was paramount that officers exercised professionalism and be efficient as they interacted with members of the public while discharging their duties.

Dlamini said Police Officers were expected to work and deliver quality service despite tight and stringent budget and other material resources. He said the launching of the Ngwenya Village Police Post is a project aimed at fulfilling the aspirations of the government policy of decentralizing policing services so that they can be closer to communities.

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Forensic Investigation Key in Solving Financial Crimes

It is essential that modern forensic investigative approaches are adopted so that cases of unlawful activities are proven in court and proceeds from crime are seized. Speaking during the closure of the financial investigation and asset recovery workshop held in Mbabane, the National Commissioner of Police who was represented by Deputy National Commissioner Mamsie Dlamini said the training of the officers is instrumental in the organisation’s roadmap on new approaches to deal with the ever-emerging cases of economic related crimes.

Delivering her speech, she said there was a need to engage modern strategies in the investigating criminal activities such as theft (embezzlement), drug trafficking, corruption, human trafficking, fraud, so that they can be prosecutable in the court of law.

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Cybersecurity Awareness month launched

It is very important that society, individuals and organizations use cyberspaces with utmost caution to minimize the catastrophic effects of cybercrimes.

Speaking at the launch of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month held on Monday, National Commissioner of Police who was represented by Deputy National Commissioner Mamsie Dlamini said remaining vigilant is the best way to prevent one from falling victim to cybercrime and keeping the cyberspace safe. Dlamini stated that cybercrime cases in the country manifest in different forms of criminal activities, mainly perpetrated through the use of technological devices such as computers and other electronic gadgets. He said that between the period of December 2020 and September 2021, an upsurge in the number of cybercrime cases and financial losses incurred was recorded compared to figures recorded last year for the same period.

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