Forming partnerships and collaborating with all segments of society is imperative for the Police Service in successfully carrying out its policing mandate.

This was revealed by Senior Deputy National Commissioner – Emmanuel Sula Dlamini during the Speech and Price Giving Ceremony held at Ekudvwaleni High School on Tuesday where he was representing the National Commissioner of Police. Dlamini stated that such events are valuable to the Police since they provide an opportunity to forge partnerships with Schools, teachers and parents.

The Senior Deputy National Commissioner stated that it was very humbling and honoring to have been invited to such an event to inspire students. He applauded Ekudvwaleni High School for hosting the Speech & Prize Ceremony which acts as a motivator for teachers and students to strive for excellence. He noted that these events re-ignite the passion for learning and being studious among students so that they can achieve their educational goals.

Dlamini revealed that the Police Service regards schools as key stakeholders since they are communes where children are groomed to be responsible citizens who will contribute to the country’s development. He stated that if children tap in on the fountain of knowledge both academically and in terms of life skills, the society can be assured of functionality and less disorder challenges.

The Senior Deputy Police Chief noted that the theme of the Speech & Prize, “Discipline and Hard-work Is a Pre-Requisite for Academic Success” was very apt and pertinent. He stated that discipline, which is self-control and restraint, coupled with hard work are vital elements for prosperity in all aspects of life without which students cannot succeed academically.

Dlamini encouraged students to start laying the foundation for their future by acquiring education which is the key that opens many doors. He further urged them to abide by the wise teachings of their teachers and commit themselves to working hard in their studies.

The Senior Deputy paid tribute to parents for the support they provide to ensure that the school performs well in its endeavours. He urged parents not to relinquish the responsibility of raising their children to teachers and further appealed to the community to support the school in all its endeavours and ensure that it operates in a conducive environment.

Dlamini expressed sincere gratitude towards sponsors included Mbabane Lojaf Pick n Pay, Eswatini Electricity Company, World Vision, Slomoes Corporation and Macmillan for ensuring that best performing students and teachers were awarded with motivational incentives.

The School Principal Nelson Gule expressed gratitude towards the Police for honoring the invite and further noted that the gifts provided will encourage the spirit of working hard and improve performance in the school. He further noted that even though some parents might be struggling, students must grab the learning opportunity and concentrate on their academics so that they can create a brighter future.