Departments of The ROYAL SWAZILAND POLICE Service

The overall strategic Command of the Police Service is under the custodianship of the Commissioner of Police, who is deputized by two Deputy Commissioners, viz, Deputy Commissioner, Administration and Deputy Commissioner, Operations. These officers constitute the Higher Executive Command layer of the Executive Command echelon of the organization.

The entire Executive Command structure incorporates eight Assistant Commissioners designated as Directors for the intra-departmental portfolios of Management Services and Administration, Traffic Policing and Transport, Legal Affairs, Human Resource Management and Training, Operations and Territorial Policing, Criminal Investigation, and Intelligence and Research and Planning Development.The heads of portfolios and their responsibility areas are as follows:-

a) Director Management Services and Administration : Ms Lydia S. Dlamini is the Assistant Commissioner of Police responsible for all matters concerning manpower planning, press and public relations, management of finances and general administration.

b) Director Traffic Policing and Transport : Mr. Anthony M. Vilakati is the Assistant Commissioner responsible for overall traffic law enforcement, road traffic accident prevention and associated reactive policing measures. The portfolio is also responsible for the management of departmental transport

c) Director Legal Affairs : Mrs Bonsile Simelane Assistant Commissioner responsible for the legal issues pertaining the Police Service. This portfolio is also responsible for the investigation of complaints against police, civil litigations and disciplinary matters.

d) Director Human Resources Management and Training : Mr. Polycarp K. Ngubani is the Assistant Commissioner responsible for matters of personnel management, training career development and welfares.

e) Director Operations and Territorial Policing : Mr. Samuel M. Mbhali is the Assistant Commissioner responsible for planning and directing police operations, Royalty and VIP Protection Services.Border Security and Control also fall under the ambit of this portfolio.

f) Director Criminal Investigation : Mr Sabelo Hlophe is the Assistant Commissioner who is entrusted with the responsibility of crime management, detection and collation of criminal related intelligence.

g) Director Intelligence Services : Mr. Moses V. Maseko is the Assistant Commissioner responsible for advising on matters relating to State security and collation of intelligence impacting on overall national security.

h) Director Research, Planning and Development : Mr. William W. Dlamini is the Assistant Commissioner responsible for matter of research and strategic development, to ensure that the organization keeps abreast with best regional and international policing practices and standards.

i) Director Health and Welfare : Mr Patin Nxumalo is the Assistant Commissioner responsible.

Regional Police Administration

There are four (4) Regional Police Command Centres organized in congruence with the Government Administrative Regional set up. All Regions are commanded by officers holding the rank of Senior Superintendent, who are operationally deployed as Regional Commanders. Each region has a number of Police Stations, Satellite Police Posts and Border Posts/Airports. Police Stations are commanded by officer of the rank of Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent or Inspector depending on the size of a particular station.

Police College and Ngonini Operational Support Service Unit (OSSU)
There is a Police Training College at Matsapha that is responsible for the training of police recruits and the hosting of various developmental courses. The college is headed by a Senior Superintendent who is operationally styled as Commandant.

The Police Service also has an Operational Support Service Unit (OSSU) whose command is based at Ngonini. This unit has satellite bases strategically placed at Mananga and Ka-Phunga.

OSSU was established to support territorial policing in all spheres, particularly in the area of public disorder policing and augmenting police stations during periods when an extensive outlay of human resources is required. Within OSSU there are several specialized units such as Bomb Disposal Squad, Scuba Divers and Dog Section. OSSU personnel have their own training facility at Ngonini.

Police Service Units

Drug Unit : responsible for the investigation of drug related cases, including staging regular operations to destroy illegal cultivated cannabis fields.

Domestic Violence, Sexual Offences and Child Protection Unit : responsible for the investigation of cases related to domestic abuse, and the abuse of vulnerable groupings.

Fraud and Commercial Crimes Unit : responsible for the investigation of cases pertaining to fraud and associated white collar crimes.

Organized Crime Unit : alias Tingculungculu responsible for the investigation of syndicated crimes and those of a high profile nature, including cases of terrorism.

Serious Crimes Unit : alias Lukhozi these Units are based in all policing regions and they are generally responsible for the investigation of all forms of serious crimes.

Crime Prevention Unit : responsible for public sensitization, education and awareness on the perils of crime, including fostering close working relations with community based policing forums.

Stock Theft Unit : responsible for investigation of cases of stock theft in liaison with community policing structures and police counterparts in neighbouring countries.

Affiliation with Regional and International Policing bodies

We are affiliated to the following International organizations:-

International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)

International Police Association (IPA)

South African Region Police Chiefs Co-operation Organization (SARPCCO)