Keep your home safe

How to boost your home security

-Open front windows catch a breeze

-Lock back doors and windows, while working in the garden

-Keep wallets, purses, and other valuables out of sight

-Install burglar proofs on all your doors and windows

-And don’t overlook the door that leads into your house from the garage

-Choose the right locks.

-Remember to pull apart your house keys to stay with you when your car is valet-parked or on routine service.

-Beef up existing window locks by mounting ring bars or fixed metal grilles.

-Secure window air conditioners with sturdy screws through wood or metal framing elements so burglars can’t push them in. Make sure the added barriers won’t violate fire-safety codes or manufacturer warranties.

-Keep your property in good light. Light up areas around doors, windows, and blind spots. Install lights high upon exterior walls and or poles so that they can’t easily be disabled.

-Fence and plant trees wisely
Tall plants or high fences (Vegetation) can provide cover for criminals. Trim tree branches that might aide access to windows, roof, or shield skylights. Gravel beds or crush stones around the house make it easier to hear anyone lurking outside.

-Organize your neighbours.
A neighbourhood watch cannot cost anybody, anything but some time which is worth it. Staying connected with neighbours is simple. Create an e-mail list or a free wiki system at or You can also use these tools to coordinate agendas for meetings with police groups and archive meeting minutes.

-Add an alarm System.
This is a modern way of communicating with neighbours and the police. Some central-monitoring systems will call your cell phone if they can’t reach you on your landline. Radio-based alarm systems that use dedicated UHF frequencies can be used as a backup or as a stand-alone solution that eliminates the need for landlines. Switching to an Internet-based phone service? Make sure it’s compatible with your alarm.

NB: Malkerns Neighbourhood Watch Scheme known as Malkerns Security Association make use of this method of communication. A neighbour who under invasion press a panic button alerting the other members of the community triggering prompt action and reinforcement.

– Pets like Dogs Parrot and Geese are and added advantage

These guys also do the job in alerting you when there is a visitor in your premises or passing.

-Avoid Talking about travelling on social networks

Stop bragging about your trips, and refrain from discussing details on social networking sites before you go. Giving details such as dates of departure, places to be travelled and a date of coming back can put your home or property at risk.

-Avoid Programming Home addresses

Avoid programming your home address on your car GPS because if your car is parked in places like airports. Thieves may easily know you are not at home and when they steal your car and turn on the GPS and press home, nothing can stop them from driving straight to your home and do as they feel on your property using your very own car. Furthermore the thief may have an added luxury of opening your gate and garage door with your car built-in remote and loading up your own car with your belongings.

-Unplug gate operators

It is proper to unplug garage door opener, as it may be very easy for someone to purchase a universal remote garage door remote control and find the frequency that your garage door operates on.

-Properly Brief someone looking after your property

A house sitter, even one who visits occassionally, can help keep up appearances at home. Firstly it must be someone you have adequate information about background and where to find should that person disappear.

When you leave that person in the house make sure they are properly briefed on alarm systems or any other system like sprinklers, routine visits such as time of mail arrival, trash collection, or street cleaners. It is wise to thoroughly brief the person staying behind or a thief may come an pose as one who has been sent by you to collect an item, fit or to visit while you are away.