Lutsango from the Royal Eswatini Police Service (REPS) last weekend joined the throngs of members of the Lutsango Regiment at Hlane Royal Residence for the second episode of this year’s Buganu Ceremony.

The REPS Libutfo consisted of at least 150 Police Officers who showcased their polished dancing skills in the presence of Their Majesties on both Saturday and Sunday of the annual event. These dancing sessions were preceded by a presentation of gifts to Her Majesty the Queen Mother known as Kwetfula on Friday. The group from the Police Service joined in the dancing and singing on both days displaying a splendid performance. Two weeks ago, the REPS Libutfo had previously joined thousands other members of the Lutsango Regiment who danced in a jovial mood during a three-day Buganu Festival at Buhleni Royal Residence.

The Police Libutfo’s performance was so immaculate such that during his visit to Police Academy on Monday, the Honorable Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, who is also the Minister responsible for Police Affairs applauded the Organization for its participation in cultural events. Dlamini said he was extremely impressed by the sterling performance of the Police Service’s Lutsango Regiment during the mkhosi weBuganu at Hlane and Buhleni Royal Residences. He said the REPS Libutfo exhibited innovative and well-choreographed cultural dances that left everyone in awe.