Mission statement


To be a professional, quality and people oriented law enforcement agency of Eswatini, with international acclaim.

Mission statement

The Royal Eswatini Police Service shall provide law enforcement service with the highest possible degree of excellence, in partnership with all stakeholders to create and maintain a safe and secure national landscape conducive for the socio-economic advancement of Eswatini.

Organizational Values

The Royal Eswatini Police Service in its pursuit of excellence and professionalism shall always be guided by the following overriding core values and organizational culture:

*Integrity                                     *Professionalism

*Loyalty                                       *Honesty

*Impartiality                               *Respect for Human Rights

*Pro-activeness                          *Responsiveness

*Community participation      *Gender sensitiveness


In order to achieve the mission and thus accomplish it’s mandate, the RSP agrees to pursue the following objectives:

# To maintain Peace and public Order

# To prevent and detect crime

# To monitor free flow of traffic on roads and reduce accidents, particularly those of serious and/fatal nature.

# To pursue, apprehend and bring offenders before justice

# To execute court summons, subpoenas and lawful orders

# To enforce all laws of the state

# To collate information affecting internal state security

# To provide security to the Royalty and other VIP’s.