Police and Bankers Association Launch Anti-Financial Crimes & Fraud Campaign

The Royal Swaziland Police Service (RSPS) and Swaziland Bankers Association (SBA) have strengthened the existing relationship by singing a Memorandum of Understanding.
The MoU was penned by the National Commissioner of Police – Mr Isaac Mmemo Magagula and the Bankers Association Chairperson – Ms Fikile Nkosi in a ceremony held at Police Headquarters Conference room on March 21, 2016. The event which was attended by Executive Command of the RSPS, Swaziland Bankers Association Board members the director of the Swaziland Financial Intelligence Unit also marked the launch of the Media Anti-Financial Crimes & Fraud Easter Campaign.

The MoU aimed at facilitating the sharing of information related to fraud and financial crime between the two institutions will help develop a joint strategy for combating bank related and cash in transit crimes. Through the MoU RSPS and SBA will collaborate in deterring, disrupting and counteracting domestic financial criminal activities and transnational organized financial transactions by organized crime.
The Anti-Financial Crimes & Fraud Easter Campaign encourages the people to be alert and cautious when making transactions. The emphasis is for individuals to treat their ATM Cards as cash, by avoiding using hidden or isolated ATMs, checking for any fraudulent devices that might be attached to ATMs as well as to report suspicious activity or lost cards immediately.
The National Commissioner commended the signing of the MoU stating that collaboration and sharing of information is vital in the development of the country’s economy. He revealed that through the MoU the RSPS will be able to advise the SBA and vice versa to ensure money safety in various banks and ultimately protect the economy.
Nkosi revealed that the MoU was brought about by realization that the fight against commercial crimes cannot be won without key stakeholder collaboration. She stated that it reiterates the severity of fraud and that SBA is serious about their mandate with regards to fraud.