GEGE-Commissioner of Police Isaac Magagula handed over a two roomed house worth E55 000-00 to a destitute old man of Mlindazwe area in Gege.

Jan Malinga who is in his late 60 years is on a wheel chair and has been living in a dilapidated house for some time until the intervention by the police service through the International Police Association (IPA).

Speaking during the handing over ceremony, Magagula said police are not only there to arrest people but they also have a role to play in bringing up a good community through compassion and caring.

“The living conditions of Mr. Malinga who is advanced in age and disabled touched the hearts of the police officers whenever they were patrolling in the area. They noted that the structure Malinga was living in was not fit for human habitation and explored ways of coming to the rescue. Hence the project to build the house was conceived,” said Magagula.

He thanked the police for the commitment and dedication in helping the needy, adding that such a project was not the first one.

“Since the inception of IPA in 1993 in Swaziland, the police have been busy assisting people with things like, constructing a shelter for the needy and many others,” he said.

Magagula thanked companies and individuals who contributed towards the project. They include J&E Construction, Senator Masende Zwane and many others.

Speaking at the function, Malinga thanked the police for coming to his rescue. Malinga who was overwhelmed by emotion related how one officer whom he identified as Ngema came to him and took pictures of his house, stating that he was planning something for him.

“In few days he was back and they started digging foundation and I was shocked. I could not believe that police officers can get their hands dirty and help a no body like me. I am thankful for that and may the Lord God bless them for what they did for me,” he said.

Others who were present at the function include amongst the top brass in the police service, Shiselweni Regional Administrator, Members of Parliament and senior government officials.

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