In carrying out their mandate which is very onerous and daunting, Police need to be consistently fortified and enlightened by the wisdom from above.

This was revealed by the Honourable Prime Minister – Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini during the 2019 Police Annual Prayer Day held at the Matsapha Police Academy last Friday. Dlamini said the Police Service cannot by any measure of reality afford to rely on its operational might alone and need to always seek God’s guidance when dealing with sophisticated and complex safety and security challenges.

The Premier revealed that the prayer service is vital in praying for the country’s Police Service to continue being strengthened and guided by the Almighty God in discharging its critical mandate of safeguarding the Nation. He commended the Police leadership for coming up with the concept of having a day dedicated to prayer at the beginning of each year so that the Lord can prosper the operational plans set out for the year. He also appealed to the Nation to constantly pray for the Police since they face many risks and challenges in ensuring that citizens are protected from the ravages of crime.

Dlamini noted that theme chosen for the prayer service, “Righteousness Exalts a Nation”, is very apt in the context of the strategic inflection point the country finds itself in regarding the resuscitation of the economy. He revealed that God is the author of innovation and creativity which is much needed in order to extract as much service delivery from the available limited resources. He urged the Nation to strive for the virtues of righteousness and live by the principles of honesty, integrity, goodness and purity in order to make the country a neck-turner and live true to the tag of being Africa’s new promise.

The Head of Government appealed to police officers to embrace virtues of living and behavior that is above reproach so that in all their dealings with the public they can employ the values of honesty, integrity, empathy and servitude. He noted that if all officers can pursue a life of righteousness and avoid unethical behavior the image of the Police Service in society can be exalted.

The Acting National Commissioner – William Dlamini revealed that the theme chosen for the Annual Prayer Day was carefully chosen to challenge and inspire members of the Police Service and the Nation to extol the virtue of righteous living in order to attract blessings from the Almighty. He noted that when people lead righteous lives there will be no violence, abuse, corruption, and all forms immorality. He stated that society will be characterized by peace and love which are conditions favourable for socio-economic development.

Dlamini revealed that the prayer service provided an opportunity for the Police Service to solicit prayers from the Church and the Nation at large on the litany of safety and security challenges that stubbornly manifest in the country. These include Murder, Drug Dealing, Gender Based Violence Crimes and Road Accidents which cripple economic growth and the realization of the country’s developmental agenda 2022.

The Acting Police Chief stated that crime phenomena and road accidents require the intercession of the Church through incessant prayer as they are an illustration that the evil one is sowing seeds of anger, hatred and revenge. He stressed the need to pray for God’s intervention to overcome crime and road accidents which impact negatively on the country’s image. He further urged the public to also heighten their levels of vigilance, neighbourliness, cooperation and information sharing in order to improve the country’s safety and security avenues.
Dlamini extended hearty gratitude to members of the Christian Fraternity for attending the prayer service stating that Police continue to count on the support and partnership of the Church. He stated that this is because the Church is an institution that complements the Police mandate hand-in-glove and is rightly positioned to intercede for divine intervention in order to frustrate evil schemes which manifest as crime and road carnage in society.
On another note, the Adonia Christian Theological Seminary Nigeria which is an affiliate of the Texas Institute of Biblical Studies, honoured Senior Deputy National Commissioner – Lydia Dlamini with an Investiture Service of Doctorate Award. The doctorate is in honour of her commitment in serving the Almighty God through hard work, loyalty and integrity in the God’s Glory Ministries’ functions as well as endeavours beyond the church limits. Dlamini received an honorary Doctorate Degree in Counselling/Missions during an event held at the Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria on December 22, 2018.