The Honourable Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini has challenged the Police Service to device policing interventions which are always accurate and direct to keep abreast with the dynamism of society.

Speaking during the Senior Officers and Senior Civilian Staff Conference held at the Matsapha Police Academy last Thursday, the Premier stated that safety and security measures which lack proper co-ordination are likely to miss the target and fail to live up to the expectations of the public. He emphasized that it is vital for the Police leadership to constantly evaluate if the organisation remains on track to deliver on its mandate to the Nation.
The Prime Minister encouraged Police to double efforts in fighting crime in particular the sexual violation of women and crimes of violence which are prevalent in the country. He reiterated the call for the crafting of a comprehensive and pragmatic Crime Turn-Around Strategy to be launched at the earliest possible time.
Dlamini applauded the Police organisation for such a conference stating that it is in line with the ethos of sound corporate governance to reflect and rectify performances as well as to properly configure approaches for the year ahead. He noted that the onus of ensuring that crime and road accidents are kept at a minimum level lies with the Senior Management of the Police, therefore they should always lead from the front and rally officers under their command to work hard and be committed.
The Premier noted that the Conference theme “Remaining Effective and Efficient in a Challenging Economic Environment” is very apposite given the fiscal challenge facing the country. He emphasized that Government entities have a responsibility to ensure that service delivery is not compromised in any way despite the prevailing economic situation. He noted that this requires departments to be innovative and extract as much service delivery value as possible from the limited resources available.
The Acting National Commissioner – William Dlamini pledged the Police Service’s unwavering support to the Government stating policing programmes will be aligned with the Government Plan of Action. He revealed that the conference theme has been crafted to illustrate Police commitment to continue providing quality services to the Nation despite the economically constrained environment.

Dlamini stated that in a bid to create an attractive environment for investor capital and businesses, the Police will maximize the level of safety and security by heightening visibility at crime hotspots and high accident zones. He revealed that strategies for fighting crime and road traffic accidents will be those that are proactive as this is less costly than responding to a crime or accident once it has occurred. He also stated that Police will intensify public awareness and education programmes aimed at sensitizing the public on the undesirability of crime and how best they could avoid falling prey to criminal elements.
The Acting Police Chief stated that the organization will ensure that detective practitioners are well capacitated to effectively deal with various forms of contemporary and emerging crimes such as cybercrime. He revealed that in 2018 there was a two percent decrease in the volume of crime as compared to 2017, while on the road traffic scene serious accidents were reduced by over nine percent during the same period. He mentioned that a Strategy to Mitigate against Violent Crimes is at an advanced stage of crafting while a Traffic Management Strategy has also been developed.
The Acting National Commissioner also revealed that the Royal Eswatini Police Service is faced with a number of administrative and operational challenges regarding Transport Facilities, Operational Equipment and Accommodation. He stated that these challenges affect and compromise efficiency in service delivery as the Police are unable to promptly respond to scenes of crime and other distress calls.