Crime Stop

Crime Stop allows you to provide information about criminal activity to the Police. The information may be used to aid ongoing investigations or uncover unreported crimes.

Police value every piece of information and will initiate the necessary follow-ups.

If you require immediate Police response e.g. emergencies or life threatening situations, please call 999 or chat with the next window.

Toll free emergency line (To report any emergency occurrences in your vicinity)


Report any kind of child abuse or domestic violence related matter

‘975’ (toll free line)

Confidential line

2404 6373

Public Relations Officer

76062312 or 2404 3611

Crime Prevention Tips

1. Keep your home safe
2. Car Hijacking Prevention Advice
3. Prevention Home Invasion/Robbery
4. Scams & Con Games
5. Shopping Centres Security
6. Safety Tips on Veld Fires