….through capacitation of its human resource

The Police Service strives to be an entity that is professional to meet the expectations of the public in terms of service delivery.

Senior Deputy National Commissioner Emmanuel Sula Dlamini said the fact that REPS provided a professional service, it would be wise to borrow some practices and philosophies from the private sector. He was speaking during the closing ceremony of the middle management skills development course in the past week at Matsapha Police Academy where he was representing the Acting National Commissioner of Police. The middle management course was attended by twenty-four (24) officers in the rank categories of Inspector and Assistant Superintendents, who are managers in their different formations.

Dlamini said professionalism was crucial as the policing landscape was not static but it become more complex and dynamic. He said there was a need for Police Officers to have capacity to be able to deal with the various kinds of challenges on daily basis.

The senior deputy national commissioner said the organisation was also focusing on complementing government’s vision of resuscitating the economy through ensuring a peaceful and conducive environment where businesses can thrive. He highlighted that this can only be achieved through the REPS introducing robust crime deterring and fighting mechanisms with the available resources. He said he was hopeful that the course was insightful for the participants and gave a guide on the managing police operations for improved productivity.

“We therefore look forward to you going back and making a huge difference so that we are geared to rally behind government’s vision for the growth and development, whose success hinges on tackling crime which scares away investors,” he said.

He also expressed his profound gratitude to the guest speaker of the day, Chief Executive Officer of the Eswatini Sugar Association (ESA) Dr Phil Mnisi. Dlamini said his invitation was deliberate as the course was attended by managers in the police service who are responsible for the implementation and monitoring tactical strategies of REPS.

Dlamini said the course participants were expected to deliver an improved service as they were taught on the aspects of supervising customer care and ensuring that REPS clients, who are the public and other categories of society, are served with optimum empathy and courtesy.
He reminded the commanding officers to bear in mind that the most important aspect of their responsibilities was aimed at ensuring that their work stations or units were the epitome of the policing vocation.

The guest speaker of the day Dr Mnisi said an informed leader is a powerful one as they perform through excellence, exposure, education, experience and execution.
He said the programme was rich and diverse that that covered crucial aspects of academia and experienced learning. He highlighted that four themes being managerial concepts, legal aspects, professional studies and IT are key in developing a competent leader in the police force. He also explained authentic leadership, which were leaders who lead with influence, impact and integrity and encouraged the Police Officers to practice such as it would do well for the organisation.