Safety Tips on Veld Fires

A warning against Veld Fires

A rash of bush fires around the Country has prompted the Royal Swaziland Police to urge the Nation to take special care against starting wildfires. The public is requested to assist in preventing wildfires. Simple precautions and reporting arson can prevent unnecessary fires.

Precautions may include the following:

Veld Fires

– Taking care of cigarette stumps either by motorists or pedestrians. Avoid throwing away cigarette stumps since they may be fanned and ignite Veld fires. Please use ash trays.

– In case of any fires, please dial 933. Fires alongside roadways should be prevented at all costs to avoid accidents since smoke from these fires may obscure the driveway and thus hinder easy usage of public roads.

– Avoid early grass burning. If there is a need to burn grass, please notify the nearest Police Station, Umphakatsi or Fire Station as the case may be in your area.

– When lighting Veld fires, avoid lighting the Veld from the direction at which the wind blows with more or the thicket on the wind direction, rather a portion the thicket in manageable stages to allow the wind to blow the fire to a smaller portion of the thicket.

– Be aware of all outdoor burning restrictions, including forest fire hazard seasons, air pollution regulations, restrictions imposed by local ordinances and county burn bans.

– Avoid burning debris during fire hazard seasons and during times of dry, windy conditions. Outdoor burning is illegal between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. in or within 150 feet of any woodland or brush land during forest fire hazard seasons.

– In case of camping, please ensure that all camp fires and debris are completely extinguished.

– Avoid parking cars, trucks, or recreational vehicles on dry vegetation. The exhaust system on a vehicle can reach a temperature of more than 1,000 degrees, which is hot enough to start a wildfire during the dry season.

In door Fires

Avoid wooden fire heaters; especially avoid using them indoors and or overnight. Wooden fire heaters are not only a hazard due to fire exposure, but the public’s attention has to be drawn to the fact that carbon monoxide which is very toxic is inhaled.

Caution against Trees

Again, the nation is urged to be cautious against tall trees in their living environment that can prove to be hazardous especially to property in the likes of houses, motor vehicles and people.

Ensure Tree pruning before strong winds come. Remember to avoid entire tree felling as trees act as natural wind breakers.

Supt Wendy Hleta PRO

For Commissioner of Police