Scams & Con Games

Identify and Avoid Scams

Scam and con artists are more prevalent than ever before because of the advent of the internet. It is far easier today to anonymously reach out and trick someone into relinquishing private information or access to bank accounts. Since our society has evolved into a credit-based culture, identity theft has taken on a whole new meaning. With just a few strokes on the computer keyboard, a person can unwittingly provide all the personal identifiers necessary for someone to steal their identity and good name. Other scams may temp you with offers of millions in unclaimed foreign funds or a rich inheritance that can be yours if you can be coached into paying a never-ending list of transaction fees first.

How to identify and avoid becoming a victim of these scams:

Scams & Con Games

– Avoid using short cuts when buying goods and services

– Avoid quick rich schemes

– Avoid making deals on the streets

– Avoid meeting people who do not have offices

– Avoid using agencies when possible

– Avoid starting and finishing deal using emails and mobile phone numbers without using other means to verify the authenticity of the person or the organization the dealer is claiming to be representing.

– Do not be quick to pay out before verifying all facts