The Royal Eswatini Police Service has once again pleaded with the public to respect the sanctity of human life.

The outgoing National Commissioner of Police Isaac Magagula speaking during a crime prevention campaign held at Mndobandoba Big Bend last Saturday highlighted that in recent weeks the trend of violent crimes has suddenly shot up and this is a cause for concern for the Police. He said the rate at which violent crimes are happening in the country especially murder is an indication that Emaswati have lost respect for life and any sense of humanity resulting in these senseless killings. He made mention of the recent spate of killings that rocked the country over the past few days which included a man who speared a 17 year old boy to death for allegedly having an affair with his wife.

Magagula lamented the fact that this gruesome incident traumatized pupils who witnessed the murder due to its violent nature. He said the recent murders should be a real reason for concern to all citizens of the country as it is an indication that society has no regard for the sanctity of human life. He stated that even though the upsurge of murders is a national issue it is not only crime proving to be a menace. He revealed that other crimes such as Gender Based Violence that manifest through rapes and passion killings also needed to be brought under control.

He went on to call to order members of Sugarcane Growers Associations on the issue of burning of sugarcane fields during disputes. He said such an act is frowned upon and it is undesirable as violence does not yield any viable solution in any situation other than breeding the escalation of lawlessness. He appealed to the Sugarcane Growers Associations and aggrieved employees to always strive to resolve any disagreements through dialogue instead of resorting to violence.

Magagula stated that crime is an enemy to all citizens in the country as it causes communities to live in fear whilst at the same time frustrating efforts of development and job creation by scaring away potential investors. He said it is important that everyone join hands in the fight against crime to ensure that perpetrators are exposed and the law take its course. The community of Big Bend especially the business community, according to the outgoing National Commissioner is facing a challenge of theft of pivot motors which are used in the irrigation system for the sugar plantations. He said this is selfishness on the part of the criminals as the theft of such equipment may lead to unemployment and cripple the economy. He further appealed to the community to be vigilant in order to apprehend those responsible and discouraged businesses from buying stolen property.

On another note, the Royal Swaziland Police Service in conjunction with Big-Bend Business against Crime Forum handed over two houses; a two-bedroom house valued at E350 000.00 to be used by a prosecutor based at the Big Bend Magistrate Court and a one room house worth E25 000.00 donated to a destitute Sifundza family where there is a man living with disability. The family was also presented with groceries, a bed and a cart-wheel that will to be used by the man living with disability.

When handing over the house to the destitute family, Magagula said it will provide a huge relief to the family as the living conditions were sub-standard especially for a person living with disability. He said people living in poverty were a priority to the Police Service as taking care of them is a crime prevention strategy. He said giving to the destitute is something that is heavenly ordained and blessed as even the Bible encourages it.

According to the Police Chief, the two-bedroom house for the prosecutor is a facility that was built to enable the wheels of justice to run smoothly and faster so that all criminal cases are heard on time and the problem of backlogs is eliminated.He said by facilitating permanent presence of the Prosecuting Authority in Big Bend the forum has given the law enforcement a boost. Magagula also expressed the organisation’s appreciation to the business forum for the continuous support in all crime prevention initiatives by the Police Service.

The Chairman of the Big-Bend Business against Crime Forum Hunt Holley thanked the Police for authorizing the use of the land by BBBAC for the construction of the prosecutor’s house. He further pledged continued support in the fight against crime in the Big Bend community.