The Royal Swaziland Police Service in its endeavor to support the youth and the education sector in the country, donated to 20 destitute pupils of Vuvulane High School.

The donation was made in the past week at the school premises in the Lubombo region where the National Commissioner of Police was represented by Senior Deputy National Commissioner Lydia Dlamini. The school falls under the policing jurisdiction area of Tshaneni Police Station. The under privileged pupils received items of uniform including school shoes and shirts. Making her remarks at the gathering Dlamini said the event was organized solely for the purpose of making a donation in support of some of the less privileged pupils at the School.

The donation, which is courtesy of a strategic alliance partner who is also a member of the business community is worth E119 000-00 and comprises of a cash donation of E87 412-00 to cater for school fees of the 20 pupils and examination fees for 13 scholars who will be sitting for their external examinations. At least E32 180-00 of the donated amount was channeled into the buying of school uniforms for the pupils. Dlamini said the RSPS was very happy that they were also lending support to the noble drive to assist orphaned and vulnerable children in their quest to attain education in preparation for their future since young people were the future resource for any nation. The Senior Deputy National Commissioner noted that the Police Service also had a role to play in shaping the next generation of citizens. She highlighted that making the donation was an extension of the Police crime prevention strategy.

“We have a duty to help keep the young people safe and aware of their rights and responsibilities, particularly that getting involved in crime and anti-social behavior, can have serious consequences. From this perspective, it can be deduced that by making this donation, we are not only lending a hand to the community, but we are also ensuring that the needy and disadvantaged children are not lured to commit crime.”

Dlamini stated that it was a known fact that poverty was often the trigger of a host of social problems such as juvenile delinquency and vagrancy, which inevitably breed crime. She said the Police Service aligning itself with such initiatives serves the purpose of preventing crime while on the other hand looking after the welfare of the needy as well as securing the future through education.
The National Commissioner through his representative noted that the Police and the School System share common grace and complement each other, as both entities promote social order and harmony among the youth.
The RSPS has also forged a relationship with the Ministry of Education and Training, one of the key players in the multi-pronged approach of the Youth and Policing Programme, which was aimed at insulating the youth, including scholars from crime.

Dlamini appealed to all scholars in the country, to maximize the opportunity accorded to them, and avoid anything that could disturb them from the pursuit of knowledge which is the master key to opening all doors in life. The pupils were warned to be wary of distractions that may derail their academic pursuits especially bad friends that may mislead them into wrong doing jeopardizing their future. Teachers were also encouraged to be role models to pupils and to conduct themselves in a manner that is above reproach because children were vulnerable and prone to emulate the actions of their elders.

Dlamini also urged teachers to continue working together with Police Officers by sharing information where criminality and irresponsible manifest in their schools. The National Commissioner’s representative noted that parents and guardians also had the responsibility to play an active role in the socialization of their children and should not leave it to teachers.

Dlamini said as the Police organisation, the driving force to get involved in charitable endeavor was a demonstration of social corporate responsibility. She stated that donations of this nature was also the Police way of showing appreciation and paying gratitude to the community that supports and assists it in the discharge of mandate. She further expressed the organisation’s appreciation to sponsors who made the event a success, they included Mananga Sugar Packers, the Royal Swaziland Sugar Association (RSSC) and the constituency Member of Parliament.

Vuvulane High School Principal Sabelo Mabuza expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Police Service for the much needed donation. He highlighted that most of his pupils were underprivileged children as their parents were seasonal workers. He said the school fees and uniforms would go a long way in ensuring that the pupils perform better in their academic studies.
The RSPS was not donating for the first time to the Vuvulane community as in January through the Tshaneni Police Station and the Gender Network reached out to destitute people in the same area.